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  • How Do Spray Tans Work?
    Spray tanning helps you achieve the same natural tan you would get with a tanning bed or by laying out in the sun. We hand spray the tanning solution onto your body. A full body spray tan takes approximately 5 minutes to perform. Depending on the solution you choose, you must stay dry 2-10 hours before washing the temporary bronzer off. The tan looks best on day 2 when it has fully developed. It is best to avoid sweating and sun exposure for 24 hours after application.DHA is the main ingredient in any tanning solution or lotion. The medical term for DHA is known as dihydroxyacetone. (di-hy-droxy-ace-tone).
  • How Long Will my Sunless Spray Tan Last?
    Your Spray Tan should last at least 5 days. Results vary. We have heard as little as 5 days to as long as 12 days without fading. Excessive sweating, swimming in chlorine, salt water, jacuzzi use, etc., may adversely affect your tan. Moisturize your skin twice daily to extend the life of your tan. We offer amazing Tan Extenders that will help you keep your tan longer!
  • What Products do You Offer?
    Everything we carry is free of Parabens, Phlalates, Dyes, Mineral Oils & Proployne Glycol that can break down your tan. Our products are also vegan and not tested on animals.
  • Spray Tan Prep… Exfoliate! Exfoliate!
    Think clean, dry body. If you exfoliate with an abrasive scrub, do so the day prior to your tanning appointment. For the day of your appointment, exfoliate your skin with a washcloth or loofah. Do not use an oil based soap or cleanser. Do not use any Dove products as they leave a film on your skin and cause a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. This will result in an uneven tan. Do not apply lotion, deodorant or perfumes before your Spray Tan. Schedule all workouts, hair, nails, waxing, spa appointments prior to your spray tan.
  • After Tan Care… When Can I Shower?
    Do Not Shower for 2-10 hours after your spray tan! There is a bronzer in the solution – so you will be extra dark until you shower. Take short warm showers using mild scented shower gel or soap. No Dove or Oil of Olay. Any product with Mineral Oil will break down your tan. Do not use a wash cloth or loofah until you start fading or want to remove your tan. Shave with a light touch, and only when needed. Shaving acts as an exfoliant. Pat skin dry, do not rub. Moisturize 2 times daily & apply a tan extending cream. Final results won’t be seen until after you wash the product off. Color looks best on days 2 & 3.
  • What do I Wear During my Spray Tan? Will it Stain my Clothes?
    You are welcome to wear whatever you feel good in. The product will not stain any of your clothing or sheets. Some clients go nude, while others wear a swimsuit. For females – the choice is yours. Men must wear a thong, boxers or shorts. Please wear dark, loose fitting clothes. The DHA needs air to react with the amino acids in your skin. The tighter the clothing, the more likely you will be uneven. Flip flops are the best to wear after your tan.
  • My Last Spray Tan Was Different Than the Previous One, Even Though it Was the Same Solution? "
    Again, it comes down to your skin. Your skin is a living organ, and is affected by many things like: time of the month, season, food you eat, stress, medication you take etc. If your tan is different, even though the solution used was the same, the most probable cause is the condition of your skin. Make sure that you use the same pre-tan regimen when planning your tanning schedule. Exfoliate with a body scrub the day prior, a washcloth or loofah lightly the day of. No make-up, moisturizers, etc…
  • I am Getting Married, When Should I Get Sprayed? "
    I recommend the Bridal Package, which includes a consultation full body tan and a full body tan 2 days prior to your Big Day!
  • Will I turn orange?
    No, absolutely not! Our solution is made of the highest quality, natural ingredients. All of our technicians have also been trained and certified!
  • What do I need to do before I come?
    Please visit our Tan Care page to find out the proper steps that need to be followed before your spray tan.
  • How long will my tanning session take?
    The entire process takes about 10-15 minutes, from start to finish.
  • What do I need to do after my tan?
    Please head over to our Tan Care page to find out how to best take care of your sunless spray tan!
  • How long will my tan last?
    The typical spray tan will last 7-10 days with proper care and upkeep. It is important to follow the steps listed on our Tan Care page to get the best quality tan possible.
  • How long do I have to wait to shower?
    Your spray tanning technician will give you an exact time to wait to shower, but typically it is about 8-10 hours.
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